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last updated 23 October 2018

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South Western Township, the beating heart for many an African. Situated to the South West of Johannesburg, what began as an “evacuation camp” in the very early 1900's grew into what is probably the largest township in South Africa and decidedly the most well known township in the world.

Soweto Tour

Soweto has a rich history, much of it surrounding the development of South Africa and Johannesburg in particular. Often at the epicentre or focus of the goings on in the political arena from as far back as the 1920s. Soweto has seen a number of changes, some for the better but not always, in fact the people of Soweto were the catalyst for many changes.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital which is situated on the edge of Soweto started out as The Imperial Military Hospital and was built to treat British troops during World War 2, a large number of which had contracted tuberculosis. The hospital grew rapidly and at one point was thought to be the largest hospital on the continent. At last check Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital was smaller than only two other hospitals worldwide, one in China and the other in Texas USA.

Dube established itself as an exclusive suburb for the middle class to wealthy residents of Soweto and still holds on to its reputation as one of the more glamorous areas of Soweto, but not after the CSIR and the National Building Research Institute came up with a design for the low-cost four room houses which would come to dominate the Soweto landscape.

Talk of Soweto will inevitably turn towards politics and how it was at the the centre of many a rebellion and uprisings, not the least of which is the June 1976 uprising in which the youth of Soweto protested against Afrikaans being the medium of education as declared by the government of the day.

After close to 100 years of constant change and ever present struggles Soweto was officially incorporated into the City of Johannesburg.

Soweto has been the birthplace of numerous people and events many of which have played a significant part in the history of South Africa. Many came to the cities for riches during the gold rush and found themselves at home in Soweto if not wealthy then all the richer in spirit.

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