Soweto Tour Reviews

"I was hesitant to do an organized outing to Soweto but Ntombi’s tour proved to be just what I was looking for: a respectful way to explore this historical township while appreciating its current vibrancy as a home to many. I especially liked being able to stroll around on foot while Ntombi related stories of the landscape and life around me. Try to go on a Sunday – church in Soweto is a must-hear!" - Rhiana

Ntombi's tour is brilliant, she is knowledgable about the area, will adapt the trip to your interests and the tour includes all the major sights including Mandela and Tutu's houses, the Hector Pieterson museum, Sisulu Square, and can include the Apartheid Museum. The friendliest guide I've ever had! Thanks - Catherine

"Before travelling to Jo'burg I received so many warnings from friends and family about my safety...and I heard even worse things about Soweto. A lot of South Africans I knew living in Australia said they'd never once been to Soweto because it was too dangerous, and I should consider it off-limits. And they told me, whatever you do, do not catch the local mini-buses!! But ignoring their warnings, I jumped in a minibus to Soweto with Ntombi, and I am so happy I did. Ntombi showed me what a vivid place it is, playing a central part in the history and future of South Africa. Tours with Ntombi are completely personalised - you can really see what life is like as a resident there. Ntombi will show you where riots and marches occurred, takes you to Mandela and Desmond Tutu's homes, to her local gospal church (where the service is in a combination of English, Zulu, Xhosa and Sotho!), through her neighbourhood, meeting her friends and family and visiting the local kindergaarten. With Ntombi, you not only get tour of Soweto, you make a friend whom you'd like to visit in Soweto again one day. And you get to help a person from Soweto towards a brighter future." - Sonali

"Ntombi is not someone who entered by mistake in a tourism profession. She is from Soweto and want you to discover Soweto as it is: a myth from the past and a reality today with his good and bad aspects. Soweto hosts more than half of Johannesburg population. We can't ignore it while visiting or living in South Africa. A 100% safe and very intimate tour without voyeurism. You'll come back!" - Véronique.

I highly recommend Ntombi’s tours. Catching a minibus, going to the central mini-bus station, walking around Soweto in a small group, being with a guide who still lives in Soweto – all add up to a unique South African experience which you would not get with larger tours. Going to church with Ntombi on a Sunday will be a memory you will have for your life, so much energy and the women really can sing and dance. Don’t miss it! Ntombi is happy to tell you about life in Soweto and the new South Africa. You will also feel happy that by going with Ntombi you are giving an opportunity for a young South African woman to build up her own business. Some township tour operators are organised and lead by people who have never even lived in Soweto! - Charmaine.